The wedding is an event of special importance in life of two people and their families. During which preparation inevitably, there is a question how to keep memoirs and emotions of this day.

Precisely in this regard a question, we will pay attention to wedding video filming. And before it whether we will talk about that it is necessary to order professional video filming. Eventually, there will be many people with cameras, video cameras, with high probability there will be ordered a professional photographer. Can be enough? The organization of a beautiful holiday business not from cheap should be saved on video more probably? And there can be your answer will “No” because the wedding is the beginning of one very important period of life of two people, it is expression of your love, divided with people closest to you!?

We will try to direct you and we will help to find the answer, correct for you, for what you must themselves answer several elementary questions honestly. Namely how many you are ready to pay for wedding video filming? Whether are ready to reconcile with amateur shots or you want to watch the qualitative video shot by the professional? If you after all want to trust in the professional and you need a few councils on this subject – then continue to read.

First of all, I want to pay your attention that most likely to you never the video column till today was necessary to choose and to think of high-quality video filming. After all it is not purchase of theatre tickets or the choice of the mobile phone. That for what I sincerely call you, be attentive, observant and you approach seriously the choice of the video count as there is no possibility of “the second double” of shooting of your wedding and emotion this day, just on just.

Secondly, I want to pay your attention to it: try to compare the favourite movies to movies which to be pleasant to your friends, colleagues, acquaintances. At once you will find out that artistic and art addictions even the closest and people dear to you, differ in many respects from yours. Therefore, the second conclusion can be made the fact that: you shouldn’t count completely on councils and the recommendations of your friends irrespective of as far as you are close, you are different persons, with various perceptions. Let your soulmate will be the main adviser – it is your day.

And so – by what it is necessary to be guided at the choice of the wedding video count? Only both only your taste, and financial opportunities. As well as several technical advices which we to you will give and which can be useful to you, due to the lack at you experience in this sphere:

Always demand a personal meeting with the video count. The initial emotion and personal contact with the person to whom you want to entrust to imprint the intimate moments of a sacrament of a wedding are very important. You should be on one wave, with one thinking and must arise trust between you. At a meeting with the video count don’t forget to ask to watch the whole movie in case you can’t gain complete idea from short wedding trailers.

Pay attention to quality of the image. It shouldn’t be smeared or overexposed. There is no need for long submission of one plan, as well as there has to be time to see what occurs in each shot. The movement of the camera shouldn’t take away perception of what occurs. Pay attention to a sound. There shouldn’t be extraneous noises, all words have to be distinguished clearly from each other – music and the live speech have to change depending on a proportion which is pleasant to your hearing. Undesirable information, such as a sound of the passing car on the street shouldn’t confuse you if important words aren’t pronounced, the background is filled with music. Fragments of a conversation are unacceptable or at the beginning of a new scene existence of the pronounced words. We assure you the professional operator has to know a set of ways how to avoid it.

Pay attention to the general duration of the movie.