Terms for editing of wedding video

Quite often to have to hear a question of terms of production of the wedding movie. From the point of view of the client, time which he has to wait for the movie (1, 2, 3 … month) seems very long, especially when we live in an era of digital technologies.

We suggest consider in details editing processes and how the terms will define. To penetrate into essence, we will tell both about technology and about editing process:


 Usually the videographer shoots about 3-4 hours video of materials. If shooted with two cameras that quantity respectively doubles and consequently also downloading time from cards to the computer for subsequent processing increases.


Material needs to be seen entirely – from beginning to end – it is necessary to remove the repeating shots which won't be used, the moments which according to the editor the most successful for installation are cut out. In other words, it is necessary to plunge into the atmosphere again a wedding which you will edit so you can most precisely to transfer all mood of an event and emotion of wedding day.

Choosing the music:

It is one of the most difficult creative processes which takes away very most part of time during creation of the movie. Search and listening of various songs and melodies, a combination to video shots, vision as has to be combined with the following shot, all this to pick up that melody which most  precisely will approach an image of newlyweds and mood of an event.


Detailed and delicate work – shots lasting 2-5 seconds are taken which need to be synchronized with music and to insert them into place in observing the correct concept and the sequence of the movie. Due to the accuracy and detail of work, this part takes away the most part of time from the general preparation of the wedding movie. This work demands the maximum concentration and accuracy, it is necessary to keep and track full chronology of an event without having missed any important point and in too time not to make the movie too long and boring or too short and not informative.

Post production:

All video is once again watched, are removed all mistakes maded during the editing or replaced shots which don't correspond to the general concept. Processing of a sound, color correction, tone correction, color grading and other visual effects (in the presence of those).

Rendering of the movie. The Rnedering depends entirely on the power of the equipment, namely computing abilities of his computer.

Production of the DVD menu and creation of the DVD – color registration, graphic design of a cover and disks, the record.

Only these so-called "finishing touches" take about 2 days.

Keep in mind that when two weddings are finished shooting, it isn't possible to prepare them in one and same time. And the fact that if at the beginning of a year when the density of weddings in a month isn't so big, you can finish editing much quicker, then in the end of the year the number of work increases and terms of production of the movie take away of 2-4 months.

Of course, the aspiration of each videographer to perform work so quickly as it possible.

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