Wedding day very often passes in a crazy rhythm. Everywhere and constantly there is a set of events which need to be tracked that sometimes it seems an impracticable task. But wedding video counts have got used to cope with such tasks. The good wedding movie is directly connected by performance of a set of details, beginning from technical base and finishing with processing and design as final strokes. What the movie would look complete and excellent upon termination of a holiday, it is necessary “to stock up” during the celebration with abundance of material. A large amount of the finished shooting material turns into the help during the further work on film editing.

Whether for many newlyweds there is the following question there will be enough material in the presence of only one camera for the wedding movie or it is necessary to resort е to one on broad approach?

Shooting with several cameras though still it is rather a rarity, than regularity, but gains popularity more and more and proves the usefulness, irrespective of the short period of introduction in wedding surroundings. Shooting with two cameras begins to look the correct decision – several experts, the correct distribution of tasks among themselves and the best way of definition of situation and positioning. Options of two-cameras shooting of weddings become more and more frequent and more priority in proposals of organizers of wedding events. But contrary to a chance which two cameras give such freedom can result also in boomerang effect and damage contents of the movie. When shooting with two cameras it is always necessary to follow certain norms not to oversaturate video unnecessary details for the sake of volume. Of course, maintaining a large amount of material, is convenient practice which sometimes saves from various troubles and failures. But nevertheless, shots should be used reasonably and include everything in the script of the movie on the principle “I can’t not to include such good shots”. Two cameras are used not with the purpose to increase quantity of frames in the movie, and for the purpose of creation of a set of versions of this or that important point, to display him from various corners. Wedding day is filled with such variety of the unforgettable moments that sometimes it is difficult for one operator to track and photograph them.

Experience shows that newlyweds try to save on assistants, assistant operators or the second operator. On the other hand, getting a set of services, which include the photographer, subject video, post-wedding shooting, air shooting and others, a quite good discount is quite often offered. Don’t think of double shooting as excessive expenses which will only increase the wedding budget or something that will prevent your guests at a wedding. Accept it as one of ways to diversify and improve your wedding video, by shooting various the moments which is a consequence will only enrich and will sate contents of the movie with the unforgettable and valuable moments.