General advices for the photosession


Improvise and feel free. Try to be natural and easy.


When you kiss try to close eyes – in photos and video such kisses look more romantically and tenderly.

Try to be exempted as much as possible from organizational duties in the wedding day. Let made of honor, best man, friends and parents will be engaged in it. Today is your day! And this time of photoshoots only for you! It is important to use every minute for creation of beautiful and interesting shots. If the wedding photographer works together with the videographer, then to be necessary for you a little more time for a photoshoot what there would be an opportunity to shoot scenes both for photo, and video. It is necessary to remember also a requisite which you would like to use that various pictures have turned out. Well if you prepare him in advance and put in a car luggage carrier in which you will move in wedding day what it wouldn't turn out that in all turmoil you have forgotten them.

Be not afraid to offer the ideas during the wedding photoshoot. If you dreamed to catch this photographer or the videographer long ago, then don't hesitate to suggest him to execute your some wonderful idea. In the evening before an event lay down a bit earlier. You have to look well rested and fresh as you should pass in one long and interesting day.

advices for bride:

Don't save on a make-up and a hairstyle for this unique day . We advise you to use services of professionals. The make-up and a hairstyle have to remain till the end of day and that in a faultless state.

It is better to refuse a brilliant make-up. It is incompatible with pictures. It to treat also hairspray. In pictures of a spangle will be displayed as the points reminding the dandruff scattered on shoulders and hair.

Surely take with yourself packing of napkins, opaque powder for a possibility to elimination effect of shiny skin which can appear during the day.

It is the best of all to make all cosmetic procedures some days before the wedding, not in the previous day. Surely use only reliable tools in order to avoid irritation and an allergy. Consult with the cosmetologist and/or doctors experts who can also help you with advices in preparation if you have any problems with skin.

Attentively choose footwear for a wedding. If you love shoes on a high heel, it will be very appropriate to take with itself on a photoshoot other footwear with a low heel or in general without heel for convenience.

If you or the groom wear glasses, then we advise you for a wedding photo/video session to choose galsses with thin glas and without special covering, in order to avoid reflections or blackout. If you have glasses with thick glas, then try "to refuse "them during a photo and video session. Best of all if you can replace them with contact lenses. No matter how beautiful your glasses they more or less distort lines of your person.

advices for groom:

Choose clothes, footwear and accessories together with the bride what the suit and a shirt corresponded to the bride's dress. And in pictures you will look harmoniously and elegantly. If wedding day is expected warm, take with yourself an additional shirt that you could change clothes before restaurant and feel comfortable for all evening. If wedding day is expected cold surely think of an undershirt, a jacket or a thin sweater. Leave pockets of your jacket empty, don't put in them volume things, it looks ugly in pictures. When shooting with relatives and friends undo buttons on a jacket what when you will embrace the relatives the jacket wasn't lifted up. It is better to give all necessary things to the witness or someone from your friends, or put in a handbag of the bride, a cigarette, a purse, the mobile phone and others.

Many men consider that manicure is only for girls and men don't need it. But don't forget that hands of the groom are "main character" on many shots (at the signature, puting of rings, etc.). Let shots from a wedding give you pleasure, but won't force you to feel awkwardly because you haven't thought of wedding manicure. Also it isn't unimportant to think of registration of a hairstyle. Don't forget - it is important day!

And of course don't forget about the bride. In a wedding dress and on a high heel, with busy hands with wedding bouquet, a handbag and a dress to her won't always conveniently move without problems. Try to be the most attentive and gallant, open for her doors, offer a hand.

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